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PrestaShop resources

PrestaShop, as a very popular e-commerce website building platform, is a very interesting choice to put your store online. However, it is out of a question to rely only on his popularity to select it. We must also consider the possibilities of customization that it brings through its modules and themes. Likewise, we can consider the degree of difficulty of its handling, without ignoring its lightness. This is why we have listed on this page all the topics we talked about on this web site. So, all these resources related to PrestaShop hosting will help anyone interested in understanding how does PrestaShop works. This understanding will allow you to get the most out of your store and ensure the sustainability of your store.

To go further in knowing, understanding and managing your store, find other resources on PrestaShop below. You will therefore find here some reviews and articles relating to the modules and themes for the customization of your PrestaShop store. The majority of PrestaShop themes and modules can be found in the PrestaShop marketplace. However, we have made a selection of extensions and modules that you will find very useful for the deployment of your store. Moreover, the majority of the themes and modules that we have selected will cost you nothing at all. So, all these resources will also be suitable for those who just want to test the PrestaShop platform.