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PrestaShop web hosting

Prestashop web hosting

During the process of creating and launching their PrestaShop online store, many make the mistake of focusing on the price of web hosting, forgetting that you only get the service you pay for. However, poorly chosen web hosting will impact the performance and load speed of the pages of a website. This will inevitably have a negative impact on the business. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the PrestaShop web hosting which will guarantee performance and speed for the success of your store. This article is part of supporting users in this choice.

Types of web hosting

In the web hosting world, there are three main types that you can use for hosting your PrestaShop store.

  • Shared web hosting: Here several users share a single server. Consequently, the costs of use are reduced because they are shared between the different users. However, this sharing involves a limitation of resources and a risk of downtime if there is a problem on a user’s site.
  • Dedicated web hosting. In this case, a single user exploits the resources of an entire server. Therefore, he will take upon himself all operating expenses; and enjoy high performance for the needs of his store.
  • VPS (virtual private server) web hosting. It is the middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It has the advantage of providing a virtually dedicated environment and reduced costs compared to dedicated hosting.

Which PrestaShop web hosting you can choose

Choosing the right PrestaShop hosting will depend on several factors including the size of your store, estimated traffic. Such web hosting plans will suit one shop, but not the another. First, PrestaShop is a relatively lightweight platform that does not necessarily require a dedicated or semi-dedicated solution to operate. However, it will have to be configured to guarantee a good level of performance.

So for a very small store and to start a project, shared hosting will suit a PrestaShop store. Depending on the growth of the store, we will switch to VPS hosting. Thus, it will be necessary to opt for a web host that will guarantee a certain level of scalability, since stores grow very quickly. If necessary, you can always migrate your PrestaShop store if necessary.

An important point to consider is the availability of the service. Unlike blog and storefront, an online store must be constantly available to avoid losing customers. To reduce this risk, shared hosting is not the best solution; although it is acquired at a reduced price compared to other types of web hosting.

In conclusion, it will be necessary to choose a powerful PrestaShop hosting adapted to your needs with a good web host who can assist you if necessary.