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How can you choose the right website hosting for PrestaShop ?
What do you need to do to secure your web site ? Everything you need to know and more!

How to host your PrestaShop site

PrestaShop Web hosting

Would you like to have a PrestaShop e-commerce website that is available, reliable and resistant to periods of high traffic? You have come to the right place, all the information about PrestaShop web hosting in this article.

PrestaShop installation

Do you find it difficult to install PrestaShop? Do you think you do not have the necessary skills to embark on this delicate operation? Don’t walk right away very quickly. Actually, this guide from our website will make this task a very easy one.

Secure your website

Every day, the media and social networks bring us news about large and small businesses that are victims of hacking. If you don’t want to be the subject of one of these great headlines, follow this article that explains how to secure your PrestaShop store.


More visitors, always more visitors. If this is your watchword, maybe you will think about improving the SEO of your PrestaShop store. So, find some very useful tips to optimize your SEO in this article.


Migration of your PrestaShop store may be necessary at some point in the life of your website. However, this is not a decision to be made on a rush. Ask yourself the right questions first before going straight to migrating your PrestaShop website.

PrestaShop Multi-store

The multi-store allows you to centralize the management of several stores in one place. By using a multi-store, you will enjoy many other benefits like those mentioned in this article.