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PrestaShop multi-store

prestashop multi store

When developing your PrestaShop store, you may want to expand your audience market by offering your products in multiple countries. If these countries have different languages ​​or currencies, you will certainly be tempted to set up several different stores to meet their demand. PrestaShop’s multi-store functionality answers this problem. On the account of it, merchants will save time and see the costs of creating their store reduced. We tell you more in the rest of this article.

Benefits of a Prestashop multi-store

The multi-store functionality of PrestaShop finds its use in different scenarios: to be able to easily manage stores behind a single back-office; to supply the same products to several stores with different distribution channels and prices; to offer the same store in different regions, to name just these cases. This PrestaShop multi-store structure brings many advantages. We can cite in particular:

  • Centralized and simplified store management. Since the management is done from a single interface, which greatly simplifies it. Indeed, we can apply changes to all stores once.
  • A huge time saver. When store management takes place from a single interface, it increases the efficiency of task processing and therefore generates significant time savings. Indeed, catalogs and products can be displayed in one place, avoiding time-consuming back and forths.
  • Cost reduction. You will not need to purchase the same modules multiple times for each store. The PrestaShop multi-store functionality allows you to buy a module once and use it across the entire multi-store.

Activate a Prestashop multi-store

All versions of PrestaShop since version 1.5 support the multi-store functionality of PrestaShop. It is still important to note that the multi-store remains similar to several stores from a resource requirement point of view. Consequently, it will be necessary to choose a sufficiently efficient hosting which will be able to support the performance requirements of these numerous shops. Thus, the ideal will be to adopt at least one powerful VPS web hosting because shared hosting will hardly be suitable.

The activation of the multi-store functionality is easily done from your administration interface. After completing the installation of PrestaShop, go to the general settings of your installation to activate it.