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PrestaShop installation

Prestashop installation

If you do not have a web hosting with PrestaShop pre-installed, be aware that the installation of PrestaShop can be done very quickly. Whether it’s a manual installation or an auto-installer installation, we’ll tell you everything. Before you can start, you must first make sure that the server you are using meets the needs of PrestaShop.

Prerequisites for PrestaShop installation

In order for your website to be viewable via the Internet, you should first of all acquire PrestaShop web hosting from a web host. The latter will give you space on one of its servers to store the content of your e-commerce website. Therefore, this server must have the following functionalities for the installation of PrestaShop.

  • The operating system used should be Linux, Mac or Windows.
  • A web server present: Apache, Nginx.
  • A database management system
  • Some PHP extensions
  • A domain name associated with your hosting

As the update progresses, the requested software versions may change. You can check the updated versions on the official PrestaShop website.

Install Prestashop manually with ftp

If your hosting meets the above prerequisites, we can now proceed to the PrestaShop installation step. Here we will use an FTP client to put the PrestaShop installation files on the hosting. We find these files on the official PrestaShop website to redirect to download it to your computer.

Then, unzip the downloaded archive so that you have only one folder. Next, we’ll use our FTP client to upload this folder to the hosting. You will therefore need the connection parameters for this accommodation, which can be retrieved from your host. When you are logged in, locate the www or public_html folder and start uploading to that folder.

Lets move on to the creation of the database. First, find the database management tool made available by your host. In most cases, this is phpMyAdmin. So create a database and assign a user to it.

Now comes the actual installation of PrestaShop. First, Access your domain name address from your browser. Then, you will find an installation wizard, follow the various steps and provide the appropriate information. The installation of PrestaShop should normally go smoothly. When it is completed, set up a first security for your PrestaShop by deleting the / install folder.