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PrestaShop Security

Prestashop security

For marketers, buying arises from the need to fulfill an expectation. In a world where merchants commonly offer similar products, the reliability of one site over another will determine the customer’s choice. If the customer does not have proof that your e-commerce site is safe, it will be difficult for them to initiate a purchase. Indeed, the risk for him is very high since his bank information can be misused. This is why you must ensure the security of your PrestaShop site to preserve its reputation.

How to secure a PrestaShop website

We will cite several good practices below to improve the security of your PrestaShop store.

Choose the right web host

First, the choice of the web host. This is a significant criterion that will affect all other points of your store. If your web host does not have security solutions in place on their servers and networks, those on your website will be unnecessary. It will therefore be important to choose the best possible web host that implements a high level of security on its platform.

Use SSL certificate

When a user arrives on your site, they cannot know the security solutions that you have implemented in the back office. The SSL certificate plays a role in ensuring that you take security seriously. In addition, it will protect the sensitive information of your customers including banking information. In addition, the SSL certificate helps to improve the SEO of PrestaShop.

Use updated modules, themes and versions

Each new version of a module, theme or version of PrestaShop aims to add functionality; fix bugs; remove detected security holes. Thus, by using the updated version of these elements you have a better guarantee of the security of your PrestaShop store. This while providing your customers with the best available features.

Use strong identifiers

Make sure that your login credentials cannot be easily deciphered. Therefore, favor identifiers with at least one uppercase, one lowercase, one number, one special character. Likewise, use a long password. Thus, several tools available online allow you to generate strong passwords and identifiers for the security of your PrestaShop.

Regularly back up your store

Backups allow you to quickly revert to an earlier version of your site. In particular a version without lost files. So plan solutions to back up your site ideally once a day to reduce loss of files and the like. Usually, the frequency of backups will help you choose the right web host for you.