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PrestaShop SEO

prestashop SEO

SEO is the set of techniques to position a website in the best search results. A good referencing of your PrestaShop store will allow you to stand out from your competitors. So you can acquire more customers. We’ll help you to improve the SEO of your PrestaShop store.

How to improve PrestaShop SEO

Improve the Meta tag

It is this element of the search results that is displayed in blue or purple. It is also displayed as the tab title in browsers. A good Meta Title tag will allow users to easily identify whether your page meet their request or not. Thus a product called « Strong Glue » will be more evocative than « Ultra Fix » for an Internet user.

Optimize meta description

Another important element of the SEO of your PrestaShop store: the meta description. It’s that element that appears below the title meta tag. Although Google no longer uses it as a criterion in its algorithm, it remains a point of demarcation for Internet users. Indeed, it will act as a showcase for your shop or product in front of visitors.

Optimize images

Another important tag for PrestaShop SEO: Alt tag. This tag associates with the image and describes the content of an image. In recent years, a lot of website visitors land on this site through an image search. Therefore, optimizing your images will help to find you quickly on the Internet.

Choose a suitable web hosting type

A website’s SEO score decreases with page load speed and availability. So if you have slow hosting, your visitors could quickly get bored and turn to your competition. Likewise, the search engines will not rank you well. It will therefore be necessary to choose an efficient PrestaShop web hosting.

Secure your store

Security, often forgotten, even indirectly contributes to the SEO score of your PrestaShop store. Suppose your site is constantly being attacked by computer attacks that constantly take it offline. This will necessarily have a negative impact on your SEO. In addition, frequent visitors will quickly turn to your competitors and may not come back. In conclusion, think about the security of your PrestaShop store.