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Marketplace PrestaShop

marketplace prestashop

Promoted by several successful platforms, the marketplace enthusiasm is experiencing a strong growth. This is how many of these people embark on the opening of their own marketplace. So what is a marketplace? How to create a marketplace with PrestaShop? What modules and themes to use to do this? These are the questions that this article will answer. It is important to note that a marketplace requires adequate PrestaShop web hosting for its success.

What is a marketplace?

The expression marketplace previously designated a site bringing together buyers and suppliers to optimize sales procedures against commission. This expression developed over the course of the e-commerce revolution, however. With the success of large companies that have developed this concept such as Amazon or Cdiscount, this term now designates a space that retailers reserve on their site for independent sellers for a commission.

Looking at the concept and the actors involved, one can easily think that setting up such a site will require hard work. However, it is quite possible to create a marketplace with PrestaShop. Nevertheless, PrestaShop does not support this feature natively. Addons available on the official PrestaShop website exist for this purpose. You can also develop some on your own if you have the skill.

Each PrestaShop marketplace is different since they are based on different functional elements refined by the owner or the developer. In addition, the addons and topics mentioned below are only examples for informational purposes.

PrestaShop addons for marketplace

JA MarketPlace

This marketplace addon will allow your sellers to register easily, use the products of other sellers to develop your catalog, and improve the user experience. In addition, it is very easy to install and its configuration is intuitive. Like the addons in its category, you will have to pay for it.

Simple MarketPlace

Here is another PrestaShop addon for marketplace. It has the advantage of allowing you to quickly transform your small store into a marketplace. With this, administrators will therefore have control over sellers and their orders. For their part, sellers will be able to manage their profile and products from their customer account.

PrestaShop theme for marketplace


This is a theme compatible with the majority of marketplace addons. You can therefore go from a simple store to a marketplace without hesitation thanks to this theme.


This highly customizable theme will appeal to your salespeople as well as your customers. It offers over 10 different home pages to suit any type of store.