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PrestaShop vs OpenCart

PrestaShop vs OpenCart

In recent years, e-commerce has changed the way businesses communicate with their customers. Thus, a successful e-commerce store is the combination of the right management method and the right e-commerce platform. This is why we are going to compare PrestaShop vs Opencart. This comparison will allow anyone interested to determine the best platform for the needs and objectives of their business.

PrestaShop vs OpenCart comparison


First, let’s start in this PrestaShop vs OpenCart comparison with the creation date. PrestaShop was developed in 2007 and has greatly evolved since then. Its owners offer two versions, a paid and a free one, on which our comparison is based. To be able to use it, you necessarily need a PrestaShop web hosting where to install it and also some basic PrestaShop addons. PrestaShop has the advantage of allowing the integration of several payment methods, and other tools that your store will need.

As advantages of PrestaShop, we can mention that it justifies a good SEO, it has a large community and ready to assist if necessary. In addition, the migration is very easy. It is therefore a good choice for beginners and small businesses, especially since it is available in several languages ​​and for several currencies.

However, PrestaShop doesn’t have all good points. It is indeed relatively slow compared to other platforms. Even though its open source version is free, you can easily find yourself paying a lot more for addons. In addition, its structure is complicated for a beginner for the needs of customization.


OpenCart is the second part in this PrestaShop vs OpenCart comparison. Like PrestaShop, OpenCart is also an open source solution which does not, however, offer a paid version. In fact, its purpose is to allow anyone to create an online store at a lower price.

OpenCart has the advantage of allowing merchants to quickly develop their international presence since it supports multiple languages. Likewise, its dashboard provides detailed statistics to quickly assess the state of your business. These numerous addons, the majority of which are free, will allow you to create the store in your image.

Despite its strengths, OpenCart suffers from a lack of performance which can be improved by a few addons. Likewise, you will easily encounter compatibility issues between your extensions and addons. If you’re going to build a store that will grow quickly, OpenCart’s lack of scalability will act as a drag.