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PrestaShop vs WordPress

PrestaShop vs WordPress

Are you hesitating to choose the right platform for your project between PrestaShop and WordPress? Our PrestaShop vs WordPress comparison details the differences between these two platforms.

Difference between PrestaShop and WordPress


As an e-commerce solution PrestaShop is aimed particularly at small and medium-sized businesses, as well as retailers and allows to create and manage online stores. To do this, it offers a superb management interface rich in features and options to increase the credibility of a store.

The easy installation of PrestaShop will allow any user to quickly focus on building their store. Likewise, it is a very complete platform that offers a multi-store option for owners who want to centralize everything. In addition, PrestaShop also provides several marketing tools including promotions, gifts, abandoned cart reminders and sponsorship.

However, with more advanced customization, PrestaShop can prove difficult for the less savvy. Indeed, the various information related to personalization are concentrated in one place, making it difficult to control them. A beginner will therefore quickly get tangled up in the brushes.

Side addons, PrestaShop remains a bit restricted in the sense that most of the available modules are paid. While generally those who start mostly with an open source solution, do not always have enough budget.


For the PrestaShop vs WordPress comparison, we will evaluate WordPress as part of the creation and management of e-commerce sites. Actually, WordPress is not natively an e-commerce platform as it is for PrestaShop. First of all, this solution was created of a concern to set up a tool allowing to easily create a blog. It has evolved over the years to become a platform for building any type of website.

A legitimate comparison should not be PrestaShop vs WordPress, but PrestaShop vs WooCommerce, popular WordPress plugin. Having already made this comparison in our article, the comparison will be made for the performance of WordPress equipped with an e-commerce plugin.

As an e-commerce platforms, these two platforms require efficient and secure web hosting to function properly. This is because an online store consumes more server resources than another normal site. We will therefore see that the two solutions are similar in terms of performance requirements in the PrestaShop vs WordPress comparison.