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PrestaShop vs Magento

Prestashop vs magento

PrestaShop like Magento is a very popular e-commerce platform with a strong user community. Each of them has strengths and weaknesses but always finds an audience that they satisfy. If you want to find out the PrestaShop vs Magento differences, this article will help you to see more clearly.

Difference between PrestaShop and Magento

PrestaShop vs Magento : Community and support

As open-source solutions, PrestaShop and Magento benefit from a community of users from which the resolution of many problems comes. Magento, however, has a much larger, engaged and responsive community. However, to get official support, it will cost money. This is also the case with the official support of PrestaShop which provides excellent support even if it remains quite expensive.

Ease Of Use

Another important point of the PrestaShop vs Magento comparison: Ease of use. The difficulty of using a software will determine the need or not to turn to an expert or not to use this software. PrestaShop comes with an easy and intuitive relative administration panel. It is therefore a recommended solution for those who would like to quickly get their site online. In addition, no programming knowledge is essential. On the other hand, Magento has a steep learning curve. You will necessarily need a programming base to be able to use it. Nevertheless, its mastery will make it possible to make the most of the many very comprehensive features and customizations it has to offer.


In their open-source version, these two platforms are acquired for free. Subsequently, it will be necessary to take into account the development costs to determine their total burden. As for PrestaShop, it is easy to use even by novices who will therefore not have to spend to delegate this task to an experienced developer or agency. Another major difference PrestaShop vs Magento is the price of the paid version. Magento is very expensive compared to PrestaShop and is more suitable for large companies. While PrestaShop will be suitable for first projects and small shops.

In short, the installation of PrestaShop or Magento on your platform will depend on your expectations, your store and your budget. Therefore, if your budget allows it opting ​​for Magento will go, otherwise the solution will be PrestaShop with its many features.