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PrestaShop dropshipping addon

Prestashop dropshipping addon

With the resounding success of dropshipping platforms, you might be thinking about getting started too. With your PrestaShop installation, you can also get started in dropshipping as explained in the rest of this article.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a sales model where the merchant is not the sender of the product. He is responsible only for its promotion and sale.

The actors involved in the sales process are: the supplier, the reseller, the customer. First, the reseller sets the price and promotes the product, usually from their website to get customers. When a customer orders the product and pays for it, the reseller gets their profit and then pays the supplier. The shipping process differs from a normal sale here, that is to say that the supplier is the responsible for shipping the product.

Dropshipping with prestashop

Considering the success of the sales model, you are certainly wondering if your PrestaShop store could allow you to execute the dropshipping? As a platform dedicated to e-commerce, PrestaShop has thought of everything, this also includes dropshipping. Actually, several addons available on the official PrestaShop website will allow you to set up your store. Although almost all of these addons are paid ones, the different addons will help you build a sustainable store. If, however, you want to take a test or get started cheaply, here is a PrestaShop addon that can help you.

PrestaShop dropshipping addon


This free PrestaShop addon will allow you to reduce the development costs of your dropshipping store. In addition, it offers very useful functions such as importing hundreds of products into your store, order and catalog synchronization. Likewise, it offers a multi-currency and multilingual dashboard to promote your international development.